2010/1/3 Ulf-D. Ehlert <ud...@web.de>:
> So we definitely have to decide which program to use! Soon!


I welcome the new customized version.

I tried to set page title just like as its menu term, and append
trailing dots "..." after the page title if the term has dots, i.e the
command calls a dialog.  But with the standard XML2PO,
<placeholder> tags sometimes apply this style on dialog
titles (or indexterm) too :(  If <placeholder> replaces only few
words, it is not necessary.  When this tag substitutes some
sentences, a paragraph, an image, or a block, it is useful
because it gives flexibility on translation works.

Your work dissolves my dissatisfaction on the gettext system
Thank you very much.

SimaMoto,RyōTa <liangtai...@gmail.com>
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