I have changed the default autotools-based buildsystem (configure.ac 
and Makefile.am) to use our customized xml2po tool.

If you used the standard xml2po program (that is if you used 
autogen.sh without specifying XML2PO) you will notice that the new po 
files differ from the old ones: now there are many, many fuzzy images 
strings. Remember that making the manual without translated image 
strings will work without any problems ("... it's not used at all.").

If you notice any complaints about "placeholder" elements, which are 
not valid DocBook tags, this is due to old pot and po files made using 
the standard xml2po program (the number of placeholder tags is 
different for both tools). Then rebuild the relevant pot and po files:
        make pot/path/to/file.pot po/LANG/path/to/file.po
(in this case it may be a good idea to remove and rebuild the whole 
pot directory).

I hope I didn't break anything...


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