Hi list
I have updated my copy of Cygwin with some new packages and after a 
couple of evenings all "git" and "make" commands works fine --- except 
for the "make html-xx" (and perhaps make pdf-xx. Not tried as it did not 
worked before the updating either).

When running
$ make html-nn
I get these error messages:

*** Making html for nn ...
I/O error : Attempt to load network entity 
warning: failed to load external entity 
compilation error: file stylesheets/plainhtml.xsl line 8 element import
xsl:import : unable to load 
make: *** [html/nn/index.html] Error 5

So, what am I to do to get this command work?
(make validate-nn returns "nn: no errors").
I am always updating (git pull) my copy of gimp-help-2 before working on it.


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