I have questions and request with document "id"s.

First one is about the IFS Fractal Plugin.
Pressing F1 key with pointing the menu entry of this
plugin, "Document Missing" page is shown whereas
its document exists.   The current id of the plugin is
"plug-in-ifscompose", but the page's id is
"plug-in-ifsfractal."  I don't know why they don't meet.

According to the git log of the help document, this id
was changed from "plug-in-ifscompose" to
"plug-in-ifsfractal" two and half years ago.
Actually, the plugin is renamed from "IfsCompose"
to "IFS Fractal" at 13th November 2004, but its id
(HELP_ID) "plug-in-ifs-compose" was not changed.
The current style "plug-in-ifscompose" was brought
up at 12nd August 2005.

Can they coincide each other?

The second question is about Animation Optimize
Plugins.  The Optimize plugin is documented with
id=plug-in-optimize.  GIMP has three procedures
which seem to be also documented in that page:
plug-in-animationoptimize-diff, and
When I call context help of them, the plugin's
document doesn't show and the Missing
Docs page appears.  Do these functions have
relation to the Optimize's page?  If so, please
add links for them.

SimaMoto,RyōTa <liangtai...@gmail.com>
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