2011/1/4 Kolbjørn Stuestøl <kolbjo...@stuestoel.no>

> Den 04.01.2011 15:07, skreiv Ignacio:
> > Hi
> > The tags (<acronym> </acronym>) for GIMP are missing
> > in some xml files (src/using/preferences/).
> > Ignacio
> I think you, or some other, may add the missing tags (in the src/*.xml
> files) next time you are committing something. As far as I can see, the
> only thing the <acronym> tag does is to capitalize the contents.
> (Outputs GIMP when someone writes <acronym>gimp</acronym>).
> Kolbjoern
Yes the GIMP Doc work without that tag, I can see it,too
Sorry, but I'm not a committer. And I'm translating po files.
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