2011/3/24 Owen <rc...@pcug.org.au>

> Could I suggest that you run autogen.sh again, and read the last 20 or
> so lines.
> Just see what programs weren't found and install them.
> Now if you have the style sheets on your computer, it shouldn't have
> to go to the net to get them. Install all the stylesheets you can find
> (I think you were using Ubuntu so just search synaptic for stylesheets
> )
> Owen

Thanks! It's working now. And with a launcher to a small script that
generates a draft of a single file, I can preview with the click of a
button, like God intended :)

I see you've already changed the wiki, so add the following:
docbook-xsl (this is the one with the stylesheets)
docbook-utils (solved a number of dependencies)

There might be more packages necessary; I added a bunch of other packages,
don't remember which, I just ticked anything that seemed like it was related
to docbook.
Also, I still get one line of missing dependencies:
  checking for dot... no
I couldn't find something called "dot" in synaptic and it seems to be
working without it anyway.

Now, some more questions:
1. There are two folders, both with XML files: XML and SRC. I understand XML
is the one files are built from, and SRC is the one GIT uses to fetch files.
But how do the two interact? do I copy files manually or is there some tool
or script to update one or the other? In other words what is the work
process here?

2. UI screenshots: Do you have a preference for the theme used in the
screenshots? The wiki says screenshots should use the "default theme" but is
it the Gnome's or Ubuntu's default theme I should be using? Gnome's default
is Clearlooks, right?

3. I intend to replace the astronomy images used in the quickies with images
more representative of something a normal user would use, everyday objects
such as cars, animals, plants, tourist attractions and if I find the right
subjects, people. These are good looking images I took myself, but I want to
know if I need to do anything rights-wise, you know, do I need to explicitly
release them under the GPL or CC or what have you, and if I do, how do I do

4. it's a long shot, but does anyone here use Notepad++ and has the correct
HTMLtidy settings file to correctly reflow and indent docbook XML?
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