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> Michael Grosberg <grosberg.mich...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > 1. There are two folders, both with XML files: XML and SRC. I
> > understand XML is the one files are built from, and SRC is the
> > one GIT uses to fetch files. But how do the two interact? do I
> > copy files manually or is there some tool or script to update
> > one or the other? In other words what is the work process here?
> I am pretty sure this is all controlled by the Makefile. have a
> sqizz if you are happy reading that stuff
Yes, English is a special case (no po/pot files), the files are just 
copied when you type e.g. 
    'make html-en'
     'make xml-en'.

> > 2. UI screenshots: Do you have a preference for the theme used in
> > the screenshots? The wiki says screenshots should use the
> > "default theme" but is it the Gnome's or Ubuntu's default theme
> > I should be using? Gnome's default is Clearlooks, right?
> I am pretty sure what is meant here is that the "Default" is that
> set out in the preferences under themes,
> .../share/gimp/2.0/themes/Default

I think you are right. But IMO it's much more important which OS and 
(under Linux) which desktop manager is used.
IMHO we should use distribution-independent (default) themes - e.g. 
Gnome's default theme rather than Ubuntu's.

> > 3. I intend to replace the astronomy images used in the quickies
> > with images more representative of something a normal user would
> > use, everyday objects such as cars, animals, plants, tourist
> > attractions and if I find the right subjects, people. These are
> > good looking images I took myself, but I want to know if I need
> > to do anything rights-wise, you know, do I need to explicitly
> > release them under the GPL or CC or what have you, and if I do,
> > how do I do it.
> Too hard, Ulf or Roman may help here.

I wonder if we won't get a copyright problem if the images are 
replaced... And even if not, shouldn't we show respect for the 
original author?


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