New features requires some type of knowledge important to understand how to use gimp with presets. this is where i can help, explaining brushes, presets, dynamics and new behaviours. I don´t know how much documentation is done so i would like to know how are you doing things here. So i am ready to learn from you. any advice?

A developper writing help is a very good thing for gimp help.

The help for gimp-2.8 is not started yet and we can't add 2.8 changes in the present gimp-2.6 help.

The gimp-2.8 help will be a modification of the 2.6 help.

You can get acquainted with the job by git cloning the gimp-help-2 module. You will find the source xml files in the src folder and templates for new files in the docs folder.

The work is complex. I don't know what you know and I can't give you an adapted information until you get gimp-help-2.

Julien hardelin

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