Running "tools/" I found lots of images not having the required 144 resolution. Is there a way to set the resolution to 144 dpi in bulk? Something like "set-image-resolution 144 144 DIR". (Perhaps just one "144". I was thinking of x and y resolution, but in this case they will be the same). "DIR" is of course the path to my image files. A program checking all images in the given path and if resolution is not 144x144 set it to these values.

In my copy of gimp-help-2 running "tools/ images" resulted in "Suspects: 951". So such a program would be useful to more people than me.

2: Is there a command adding these files in mass before committing them? It is annoying writing "git add ..." dozens of times. Something like "if file changed git add image" or ""if file changed later than [timestamp] git add image".


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