On Thu, Nov 01, 2012 at 12:00:18PM +0100, Kolbjørn Stuestøl wrote:
> At the moment I have some other things to do. (There is a life
> outside GIMP :-) ) 

Ha! How I understand you!!!!

> Hoping some others writing on this subject. 

Well yes but I think that, in my opinion, if someone starts writing a
section, as you have done here, he must be, for a limited span of time
the "Linus Tornvalds" of the chapter. I mean that it could be
difficoult, even with git, to merge different authors corrections so I
think that this list could be helpful in posting the suggestion by the
other contribuitors (as I've done)

> Someone using a drawing pad perhaps?

That is really a plus... and I have one, bought just for testing
pourpouses (a really cheap one by the european manufacturer "Trust"). I
am _not_ an artist so I never used it ... if you mind I can use it to do
some tests ... just ask me what I have to do and I'll try and report the
results here.

> Kolbjoern

Many thanks for you efforts.


Marco Ciampa

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