Hoping some others writing on this subject.
Well yes but I think that, in my opinion, if someone starts writing a
section, as you have done here, he must be, for a limited span of time
the "Linus Tornvalds" of the chapter. I mean that it could be
difficoult, even with git, to merge different authors corrections so I
think that this list could be helpful in posting the suggestion by the
other contribuitors (as I've done)
That's right. After several proofreadings of dynamics and changes almost every day in the original file, I gave up : too much difficult. I'll wait for a stable file. In our xml files, we use spaces instead of tabs. Please check the "Replace tabs with spaces" option in your text editor : you can see the result of tabs in http://git.gnome.org/browse/gimp-help-2, which uses 8 spaces for a tab.

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