On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 05:56:31PM +0100, Kolbjørn Stuestøl wrote:
> The error is obviously in Cygwin.
> There is a file /bin/sh.exe in Cygwin but I do not know what this
> file is doing. As I do not have the source code for this file I am
> unable to find out what line 8 does.
> Perhaps calling a missing program or package. Who knows.

Yes, it look's like a Cygwin bug. But since I don't use and don't know
Cygwin, I have no chance to find out what to do. :-(

You can try to remove as much as possible from the script (or the
other way round: rebuild it from scratch) to find a minimal script
which still failes with that error message, and then file a bug report
for Cygwin.

> As said before, it looks like the program is doing what it is
> intended to do. Perhaps it is a cosmetic problem only. Or should the
> program do something more?

No, output here is

        $ make check-images
        *** Checking image references ... 
        parsing XML files ... 
        found 1580 references in 634 files

        searching images in 'images/C' ...
        found 1601 image files

        0 broken image references
        21 orphaned image files:
        ORPHANED: images/C/dialogs/SaveAsCSS.png
        ORPHANED: images/C/using/standard-setup.png
        $ make check-images-de
        ... (same as above)
        searching images in 'images/de' ...
        found 448 image files

        19 orphaned image files:
        ORPHANED: images/de/dialogs/dialogs-new-image.png
        ORPHANED: images/de/using/save-tiff-dialog.png


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