On Tue, Jul 09, 2013 at 05:27:44PM +0900, Jihui Choi wrote:
> Hello, all.
> I'm Jihui Choi.
> I used to translate and maintain korean translation, but for the last
> several years I didn't.
> I'm gonna start again but I don't know where I should start from.
> Now it seems everyone works on l10n.gnome.org, right?

AFAIK no. 

We (I) appear there because the site reflects git commits.

> Btw, I uploaded a updated file on
> https://l10n.gnome.org/vertimus/gimp-help-2/master/appendix/ko
> https://l10n.gnome.org/vertimus/gimp-help-2/master/introduction/ko
> Please check these files out and commit. Thank you.

I think that it is better if you use git and then post here a patch
checking for validation of your translations with

make validate-ko

You have to install all the necessary tools to be able to build an html
version of the manual, of course.

If you need some assistance, please ask.

PS: it is easier if you use linux...


Marco Ciampa

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