On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 03:08:42PM +1000, Róman Joost wrote:
> Hi,
> I see so many contributions and I haven't prepared a release for ages.
> I'm sorry for that. My good excuse is a daily job and my son which keeps
> his father busy during the day.
> Since I'm expecting a daughter at the end of december, I'm determined to
> push out a release before. I can see that Joao and his team is adding
> Portuguese. When would be a best time to release a new tarball?

You keep respawning child (processes) until all resources,
are exhausted! ;-)

> PS: Do you guys realise that we're already working ~ 10 years on this
> manual?? Isn't that awesome?

Well yes and no, with so much time...


 - because the docbook-xml + gettext method is one of the best ways I
   saw to keep up multilanguage translation effort is an efficiently manner
 - context help search works out of the box and this is really a "good thing"
 - the produced HTML is very good and works with every browser I know of


 - pdf make is not working very especially with oriental languages
 - many important languages are missing, arabic for a start...
 - doc.gimp.org site design is really very poor, it seems to me made in year 
2000 ...

... the good thing is that I want to address some of these issues
... or die in the try ... ;-)



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