Before 2.8.1 release I suggest two patches that deletes
some non-relevant description for 2.8, and switches
category of some filters.

* The patch Change-category-of-two-scripts.diff edits
  <xi:includes href="___"/> tags of
  src/filters/light-and-shadow.xml, src/filters/artistic.xml,
  and src/filters/distort.xml to change categories of
  glasstile.xml and apply_lens.xml which are moved
  since 2.8.

* The patch Remove-some-standalone-scripts.diff removes
  three paragraphs of src/concepts/script-fu.xml.
  'Classic GIMP.org' scripts are removed since 2.8, and
  'Misc.' category with Sphere script is no longer
  available since 2.6.

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