Dear Róman,

The first patch 'Change-scripts-category.diff' may cause confusion to
users and it must require much more tasks to fix this issue properly,
so I am sorry but I should resign it.  Now I try to generate a full
patch of this update, but it will not be suitable for pre-release fix.

The second patch just removes few paragraphs, so it is not harmful.

島本良太 (SimaMoto,RyōTa) <>

2013/11/22 Róman Joost <>:
> Dear RyoTa,
> On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 07:32:32AM +0900, RyoTa SimaMoto wrote:
>> I should apologize that I sent a wrong patch.  Please edit the first
>> attached file 'Change-scripts-category.diff',  remove ../ on each
>> insertion line.  This mistakes cause bad errors claiming failure of
>> loading external entity.  Thank you.
>> You may already mentioned this update patch is a quick trick avoiding
>> large change of PO files.  Both XML source files would be better to move
>> their pathes.  Also this change require screenshot images of Distort
>> menu and Light and Shadow menu ( images/*/menus/filters/distort.png ,
>> images/*/menus/filters/light-and-shadow.png ) to be updated.
> Is this still important to go into the release? I'm a bit confused as to
> why it is important that I have to apply it?
> Cheers,
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> Roman Joost
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