In help-missing.xml:

    Found a <emphasis role="bold">content error</emphasis> or just
    something which doesn't look right?
    <!-- This link is also used to render a small link in the left hand
         side of the footer, to help users filing bug reports.
         Bug: 711318
    <ulink id="reportbug" 
      Report an error in Bugzilla
    </ulink> and let us know.

The phrase "let us know" shows _only_ in the low side of the page so the
phrase looks a bit weird. So I have decided to add this:

    <!-- repeated to make it appear also in the page. Error in css ?  -->
    <ulink url="";>
      Report an error in Bugzilla

it is a bit of a hack, I know. If someone knows how to resolve this issue
more elegantly, please commit it!

Anyway now it looks right!



Marco Ciampa

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