Dear Marco,

On Tue, Sep 09, 2014 at 10:47:21PM +0200, Marco Ciampa wrote:
> Hi Roman, I am afraid of being a bit off topic (see below).
> I am wondering about this:
> Why are you choosing this tool (publican)?
Two reasons:

    * It would improve and extend the possible formats we can export to,
      since we would not have to write all the Makefile rules ourself.
    * I've used it inside Red Hat.

> Have you considered po4a[1] eventually with the aid of sisu[2]
Nope. Thanks for sharing.

> [1]
> [2]
I actually haven't started on the work looking into publican because of
real life.

What I do know is, that publican would not lower the barrier for writers
to contribute new content to the manual, since it still uses DocBook.

I did consider looking into asciidoc[1] tho, since asciidoc provides the
same semantic model, but is simple text. Yet a first glance at it, I was
unable to see any way on extracting the strings in order to support
translation based on po files. It looks like SiSU tries to achieve a
similar goal by using text. I think that would improve the manual, since
no one has to write XML anymore.

The additional benefit of asciidoc would be, that it could export to
docbook, which then could hook into our current setup. Not sure if this
is applicable tho.

> I am considering these tools for another project (KiCad) but I think that
> GIMP too could gain from these, as you pointed out, only I want to
> discuss pros and cons with someone more skilled than me. :-)
> Maybe we can catch two birds with one stone analizing these two tools for
> the two projects that IMHO have similar goals.
po4a could be a potential candidate to extract strings from asciidoc...
not sure.

> What do you think?
It's certainly worth looking into. All I did with publican is to check
if we could benefit from it.

Roman Joost
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