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> Hi,
> Marco's post reminds me that I lately read about the GNOME
> documentation project switching from DocBook to Mallard [1].
This is concerning. I never took Mallard as a big contender, since it
doesn't solve any of the problems with DocBook. For writers, writing XML
sucks. Now with Mallard we just say: "Hey - you just write less XML",
but it will still suck.

> I think this is considerable if we want to use GNOME's manpower
> to contribute to GIMP's user documentation and it could also
> have impact on the choice of translation tools.
Yes, that is true. It feels a bit as if the documentation world splits
apart again in terms of tools.

I certainly can't understand from a users point of view, why we still
want to keep XML. I can understand it from a technical point of view -
yes ...

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