On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 12:20:23PM +1000, Roman Joost wrote:
> Dear Marco,
> On Sun, Sep 21, 2014 at 03:18:14AM +0200, Marco Ciampa wrote:
> > Since I want to understand a bit more about the gimp build sistem
> > I am trying to do the things by hand.
> > 
> > I do not know automake/autotool so I do not really know how html, for
> > instance, files are created.
> > 
> > I copied all xml dir outside gimp tree dir and tried to build html by
> > hand and failed miserably.
> > 
> > I do not know docbook-xml either and I now know I was a bit "naive"
> > thinking that a mere
> > 
> >  docbook2html it/gimp.xml
> > 
> > will suffice.
> > 
> > Can anyone help me understand? What I am missing?
> It's just a matter of tooling. I'm not sure what the outcome of your
> docbook2html attempt was, but I assume it was negative.

yes because it does not include anything

> We chose to split up our manual into separate files according to the
> help ID GIMP uses. Each file is tied into the manual with include
> statements (xi:includes) to make up the book.

yes I knew this, the question is: why the command do not recognize the
include command?

> Furthermore, translations are separated into separate files. You'll need
> to basically compile a translated version of the manual in order to
> generate a translated HTML version out of it.

yes, this too, but I want to make a step at a time... and recreate a GIMP
build script from scratch just to understand better how the things works,
without all that automake/autoconf confusing (for me) matter...

> Potentially your tool will work. Look for --xinclude parameters in order
> to build the manual. You'll have to find a way though, to create new
> *translated* docbook files if you want anything else than English.

there are no --xinclude parameters in docbook2html command. I am not even
sure if it is really this the command that gimp makefiles trigger. 

Sorry I am not able to "read" make/automake scripts and this is my first

> Feel free to ask more questions if you want.

I do not want to boring you with trivial questions but I do not know whom
to ask about ...

Many thanks.


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