On Sun, Sep 21, 2014 at 03:18:14AM +0200, Marco Ciampa wrote:
> Since I want to understand a bit more about the gimp build sistem
> I am trying to do the things by hand.
> I do not know automake/autotool so I do not really know how html, for
> instance, files are created.
> I copied all xml dir outside gimp tree dir and tried to build html by
> hand and failed miserably.
> I do not know docbook-xml either and I now know I was a bit "naive"
> thinking that a mere
>  docbook2html it/gimp.xml
> will suffice.
> Can anyone help me understand? What I am missing?

A simple way to see what's happening is

        make --dry-run <what_ever> | less

So in the gimp-help directory try e.g.

        make --dry-run html-en | less

to see how the English html manual is built, while       

        make --dry-run html-it | less

will show you how to build a translated manual.

You will see that the main tool is "xsltproc"; I don't know
"docbook2html" and can't tell you if (and how) it can be used to
create html. 


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