As this question is related to the GIMP UI I posted this in developers forum ( a couple of days ago but get no answers. Hoping someone in this list are able to answer me. I guess it has something with "git config" to do.

When committing my translation all looks well on my local copy. But my translations do not shows up in the site. Where is my translations gone?

I downloaded my copies using "git clone <ssh://[my username]>".
Updated and translated some po files and then:

   $ git commit -m "Updated Norwegian (nn) translations"
   [master 7b2f8a5] Updated Norwegian (nn) translations
     5 files changed, 13801 insertions(+), 9813 deletions(-)
     mode change 100644 => 100755 po-plug-ins/nn.po
     mode change 100644 => 100755 po-python/nn.po

My local git log shows:

   $ git log
   commit 7b2f8a5cff63bdea6db76b642445cfb8a11d1b0b
   Author: kolbjoern <>
   Date:   Mon Jan 11 21:19:53 2016 +0100

        Updated Norwegian (nn) translations

   commit 97ea600623b780fc9dba4abbaa45db44e626a10e
   Author: Michael Natterer <>
   Date:   Mon Jan 11 20:35:32 2016 +0100

        app: s/Default/Color/ in the testing icon theme Makefile rules

My commit must obviously go somewhere but I have no idea where.
How to get it to upload (git push) to the correct gimp repository?

Last time I uploaded my files (2016.01.07) I got the error message "remote: error: refname 'GIMP_HELP_2_8_2' is ambiguous" (but the "git push" succeeded) and I was told to run "git config --global push.default matching" and/or "git config --global push.default simple". I did this in that order. No error messages.

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