Following recent call for 2.10 docs update [1] we'd like to inform you
that we expect to create a new branch of v2.8 docs at the end of this
week, so we kindly ask you to submit all your changes before Saturday.

You will still be able to push changes to the 2-8 branch (we expect
people to keep using 2.8 within the next few years for all sorts of
reasons), but it won't get rebuilt as often as the master branch
(v2.10 docs). We haven't yet decided on the exact frequency of
rebuilds for either 2-8 or the master branch though.

Once the 2-8 branch is created, all work in the master branch will be
focused on updating the user manual for the upcoming v2.10 release.
Once the update is complete, we'll announce strings freeze so that
translators would have a margin to do their work in time for the v2.10
release, because we'd really like to kill off the gap between software
and documentation releases.

Some other expected changes are a subject for a separate email.

[1] http://www.gimp.org/news/2016/05/23/gimp-2-10-docs-update-call/

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