One topic we've been discussing on #gimp lately is a possibility to
move away from DocBook/XML to a different markup language that would
be easier for contributors to handle, while retaining both the gettext
workflow and existing translations.

Asciidoc is one possibility suggested by our Italian translator Marco
Ciampa. We already use asciidoc in GEGL (in fact, gegl.org is built
from asciidoc files), so one might say we have a bit of history with
it :) Marco claims that gettext workflow is possible with asciidoc.
Retaining existing PO files with translation is a subject for further
investigation at this point.

We don't expect to make any bold infrastructure changes for v2.10, but
v3.0 sounds like a good candidate for this milestone.

We appreciate your input on the subject. However we'd like to point
that strong advocacy for any DocBook/XML replacement is best served
with volunteering to maintain a new infrastructure :)

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