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> Howdy!
>    This is IMHO very useful but it would be much more useful if there were
> >    some explicit links to this older manual pages.
> >    Is it possible to add those links to the main /docs/ page?
> >
> To clarify, you want a link to the old docs as well, on the page
> https://www.gimp.org/docs ?

Yeah I think it could be useful ... I can try to propose a patch to the
gimp-web repo but I am not a very good boot web designer... but I can

> Would something like
> * English (2.8)
> work, (where there is a link for "2.8" to the old versions)?


Look at this (old) page for an example:


(see that there are even the older docs, 2.6 or even 2.4 for example).
Kept for historical reasons? 

> > 2) is it possible to add also a /docs/devel/ link or something like that
> >    to the /docs/ page to enable users to consult also the (on going)
> >    development pages? That would come very useful to enable the review
> >    of the documents by some other people - people like voluteers willing
> >    to help the revision of the translations or of the reference docs.
> >
> Where should the /docs/devel/ link go to, exactly?  Where are the on-going
> development pages located (url)?

This is the problem. I was not able to figure out the URL (if there is

If there was an open dir like it is for this project (KiCad) for instance:


it would be much easier to search through the docs version without the
need to update the web page at every new version...

if you try with gimp you get this old page:


So first and foremost we should ask a web developer where it is. If
there is none, I would ask gently the developers to create one with an CI
server connected just to render the on-going documentation and
translation efforts continuously. Is it asking too much? Hope not! :-)

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