> >
> > Would something like
> >
> > * English (2.8)
> >
> > work, (where there is a link for "2.8" to the old versions)?
> precisely
> Look at this (old) page for an example:
> https://docs.gimp.org/download.html
> (see that there are even the older docs, 2.6 or even 2.4 for example).
> Kept for historical reasons?

Actually, since we have that page I think it might be best to include a
link at the end of the list of current version docs.  Perhaps something

"The user manual for previous versions of GIMP can be found here <URL>"

I can add this shortly.

> So first and foremost we should ask a web developer where it is. If
> there is none, I would ask gently the developers to create one with an CI
> server connected just to render the on-going documentation and
> translation efforts continuously. Is it asking too much? Hope not! :-)

This one is a little different.  The "docs.gimp.org" sub-domain is separate
from the main www.gimp.org domain, and I haven't had a chance to really
familiarize myself with it enough.  I'm certainly happy to get something
set up for CI/publish of the current docs (but I am also a bit ignorant of
how the docs are managed overall...).

I'll ask about getting something setup.
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