Can you not use CSS selectors for that:
That would match any element with 'caption' class and value 'nn' of
attribute lang.
I got it from here:
IE doesn't support that, though.


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> Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 00:04:37 +0200
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> Subject: [Gimp-docs] gimp-help-custom.css
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> I would like to add
> .caption {
>    font-size : smaller;
>    font-style : italic;
> }
> to the style sheets to differ the image text from the body text.
> Perhaps the not used gimp-help-custom.css file is a good way of doing
> it, but as this wish may be unique to Norwegian only, how to add a
> conditional to select languages? (if LANG="nn" then ... else not)
> As far as I know it is not possible in the style sheet, but is there a
> clever/simple way of doing this. (Unless we add it to the common style
> sheets).
> It is not very important to me to add this style, only a suggestion/wish.
> Kolbjoern
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