>> We migrated from xml to po files to make translator's work easier...
> Is that a statement, an answer or is there more to say? :)
... and we didn't get the wanted result.

>> Normally, a translator doesn't use git. He downloads po files from
>> DamnedLies http://l10n.gnome.org. He translates them and checks them
>> with gettext commands and then sends them to his language GNOME maintainer.
> Well put. I remember there was some effort spend for the user manual and
> it's also listed. What does translators keep from following that way?

In Damned Lies, you can not send translation directly to the git
repository. Your work must be controlled by other translators and
approved by the language maintainer.
GIMP-HELP is an exception, due to its history. Here, translators are not
many, are highly motivated and prefer to have a complete control
themselves on their work. Managing git, and using Ulf's improvements, is
a challenge for them.


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