Roman Joost (Tuesday, 11. May 2010)
> I've tried to built the HTML again for all languages 

Do you want to release new HTML packages?

> and stumbled over a few error messages. It looks like the system
> creates invalid XML for a few languages which leads to errors. Esp
> unmaintained languages are affected (sv, es, zh_CN).

Perfect timing! ;-) Yesterday I discovered (yet another) nasty bug:
when pofiles are missing (that's what happened here) you'll have to 
create them with "make po-LANG" before you can
"make {xml,html,validate}-LANG". (Fixed.)

Also, there are a few minor bugs in sv and es pofiles. (Also fixed.)

Please try again when I have pushed the bugfixes.
> It seems to me, that there is no easy way anymore to validate XML?

No, validating should always be possible...

> If the errors occur only because of unmaintained languages, I would
> suggest to remove them from building HTML.

That's IMHO a good idea even if you can successfully build these HTML 


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