jhardlin (Tuesday, 08. June 2010)
> At the end of every po file :
> #. Put one translator per line, in the form of NAME <EMAIL>, YEAR1,
> YEAR2 #: src/concepts/basic-setup.xml:0(None)
> msgid "translator-credits"
> msgstr ""
> "Daniel Egger\n"
> "Roman Joost\n"
> "Axel Wernicke\n"
> "Ulf-D. Ehlert"

Hmm, is this a really useful information?

> > Adding <revhistory>s again and using them according to the
> > examples in "DocBook: The Definitive Guide" may be better than
> > using our selfmade "section history" comments (we should
> > suppress the output to HTML, IMHO). But isn't one <revhistory>
> > for every XML file an overkill?
> I agree with you. As they are now, "section history" are outdated.
> But I still think that they are interesting. We must only use them
> for creation and new features, not for typo corrections, changes
> in xml structure...(translation is no longer topical).

So which "events" are worth to be noted down, and which are not?
Let's have a look at some sample section history entries:

        2007-06-16 Added Spanish translation by AntI
        2006-01-18 en;fr reviewed by j.h
        2005/11/11 split of from layer-mask.xml by axel.wernicke
        2008-12-29 j.h: rev. v2.6
        2007-10-17 ude: moved here from menus/layer-white-balance.xml
        2006-08-08: created by scb; example by j.h
        2005-12-07 replaced <simplesect> by <sect3> by lexa
        2008-01-31 j.h: created
        2008-12-29 j.h: link to File-references to be fixed
        2007-10-17 j.h: updated to v2.4 (comment)
        2006-09-19 lexa: minor change (link enabled)
        2006-07-03 changed the note en;fr by j.h
        2006-06-17 added a para en;fr for default image size by j.h
        2007-05-09 ude: removed filters-artistic-cubism.png
        2007-05-28 Fixed Auto Follow Active Image by j.h
        2007-04-21 lexa: fixed bug #420007
        2010-04-18 ude: changed help-id: old -> new
        2007-09-05 ude: renamed to "Lens Flare"

> <revhistory> is not convenient:
> - it will give a long and tedious list in the xml file

Depends on what we add to the history.

> - it will appear in html and that is not useful

HTML output cat be suppressed with a simple template:

        <xsl:template match="revhistory"/>


PS: How to get a sample section history: define a shell function, e.g.
        get-random-history() {
                test "$N" -gt 0 2>/dev/null ||
                N=`find src/ -type f -name '*.xml' | wc -l`
                n=`expr $RANDOM \% $N + 1`
                f=`find src/ -type f -name '*.xml' | sed -e "$n"'!d'`
                echo $f
                sed -e '/[Ss]ection [Hh]istory/,/-->/!d' $f
... and type "get-random-history".

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