Hello everybody

I'm writing in the hope to be useful for someone.

I've recently found that the common (english) toolbox panel screenshots
(those images with the tool icon selected) are updated to GIMP 2.6.x
that has no menu so there's no need to create a nationalized version for
those screenshots anymore. So I've erased all the obsolete and unuseful
images from the italian toolbox folder (i.e.

Since some languages are not so frequently updated, I've erased the ES
and CS toolbox images too. For those languages, the common and updated
images will substitute the older images automatically to the next make
(thanks to the Ulf work...).

For the other, more often updated languages (for example German), I've
not done anything yet and I think it's better to leave the decision to
update (or simply erase the images and so leaving the updated default)
to the language leader.

Said so, please, if you think that the updated default could go (even
temporarily) for those screenshots, erase those images or tell me to do
it for you.

For instance the images are all toolbox screenshots with the tool
corrispondant button selected in


Thank you for your attention.


Marco Ciampa

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