Dear Doc User list...

I don't even know if I am in the right place raising this question.

I have a project called Schoolux, that is described at

We develop CD solutions for the third world, whereas its built in Linux,
Open Source and so forth. Feel free to investigate on our website that
never runs out of typos:-)

We are very keen on getting a special DESIGN CD out as a demo and want's
to build it around GIMP as the primary tool. Me my self as a happy amateur
are sometimes with luck using Open Office to help me out with Graphics,
even if that might sound stupid.

I also want to use Incscape and maybe even Scribus...Scribus might be wrong?

Anyhow... The way we work is that we have some websites online, and they
are joomla sites. We fill them up with relevant educational content trough
volunteers and as we reach 550mb of content(or the joomla folder on
server) we FTP it down in Africa, we install the Joomla with all its
content to a custom CD we make(demos available) and then...  We give it

We do plan to sell this CD to organization like Plan and Common Wealth,
that are well funded NGO's unlike us.

I am just a simple person who decided to take this concept all the way,
spent all my money on this and are now trying to get it up and going.

No one is providing funding to Schoolux expect me up to this very day.

So what I am looking for is advice on how to engage people that are
working with GIMP and filling up a DESIGN edition CD with shaved relevant
content for offline self education in Africa.

That was a lot of text:-)

Best regards
Atle Roerdam
Dar Es Salaam

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