Ignacio (Friday, 03. December 2010)
> Hi Ulf
> Here two more, maybe:
> src/toolbox/path.xml
> 343    <link linkend="gimp-using-paths">Stroke Path</link>.
> Maybe "Using Paths" instead of "Stroke Path"

I replace <link> with <xref>, to produce a link text like
        "Section x.y title-of-section".

> src/toolbox/color-picker.xml
> 123    be weary it defaults to <guilabel>Sample merged</guilabel>.
> I don't know if you was wanted to say "wear" or "weary"

Mmmpf. "Be weary" doesn't make sense (according to my dictionary it 
means "be tired/bored"); and what does "be wear" mean?
Maybe it should read
        "be warned, ..."?

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