Ignacio (Tuesday, 21. December 2010)
> Hello
> There is a validity error for 'es' in
> gimp-help-2/xml/es/filters/light-and-shadow/nova.xml
> Element guilabel is not declared
> 103              <term><guilabel><guilabel>Mostrar
> posición</guilabel>: Cuando
>  esta opción está marcada, aparece una cruz en la vista previa y
> puede moverla
>  con el puntero del ratón para situar el centro del
> destello.</guilabel></term>

I marked the msgtext containing "Mostrar posición" as fuzzy. It was 
valid (no double "<guilabel>"), but obviously not a correct 

Maybe your problem was just another timestamp error, preventing the 
xml file to be updated.

BTW, I copied "po/es/concepts.po" from gimp-help-2-6-0 and will try to 
remove that branch. Don't use this branch, it's obsolete!


PS: Don't try any black magic to get this dead branch back. ;-)

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