> I marked the msgtext containing "Mostrar posiciĆ³n" as fuzzy. It was
> valid (no double "<guilabel>"), but obviously not a correct
> translation.
> Maybe your problem was just another timestamp error, preventing the
> xml file to be updated.
> BTW, I copied "po/es/concepts.po" from gimp-help-2-6-0 and will try to
> remove that branch. Don't use this branch, it's obsolete!
> Bye,
> Ulf
> PS: Don't try any black magic to get this dead branch back. ;-)
> Now I'm working (only translating the GIMP manual) on master po files from
and I'm doing new images too.

I have a copy of git gimp-help-2 repository just to know the progress on the
and also to learn about git and how work it.

Sometime ago I read here that translation for 'es' on git was outdated
Is it updated now?
Thanks Ulf
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