Hi all,

I'm organizing the Open Help Conference this June. It's a gathering of
documentation and support people from various open source and community
projects. There are already participants who contribute to projects like
Firefox, GNOME, and Ubuntu.


There are presentations the first day, but with plenty of time between
for hallways conversations. The second day has open discussions, ending
with an open collaboration session where you can get input from peers
and professional tech writers.

We also have rooms available after the conference for team sprints, if
you'd like to use the opportunity to do some face-to-face collaboration.

I think we'd all be interested in hearing about how you manage all the
help that comes with the GIMP, and how you handle help for plugins and
such. Would any GIMP docs people be able to make it?

Shaun McCance
Community Help Expert   |   Open Help Conference
http://syllogist.net/   |   http://openhelpconference.com/

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