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The workgroup wiki page:

After some discussion on IRC, I updated the wiki page with the various
ideas, and a wireframe by pippin. Feel free to comment! :-)


In the proposed export dialog, will there be a place to choose the precision for the exported file? For example, when exporting an image file from a 32-bit floating point xcf layer stack:

* jpegs can be exported at 8-bit integer
* pngs can be exported as 8-bit or 16-bit integer
* tiffs can be exported as 8-bit integer, 16-bit integer or floating point, 32-bit integer or floating point, etc * I'm not sure what all the export precision options are for OpenEXR images, but there's many more than one
* etc for other file formats

As exporting to a lower precision is likely to invoke the dither dialog, it would be nice to be able to set global dither preferences, including "No, never dither upon changing the precision and don't ever show the dither dialog".

In the proposed export dialog, will there be a way to set a default for exporting metadata in tiffs and other file formats?

* For example, right now the tiff export dialog has an advanced menu, that's closed by default, that defaults to exporting all the metadata that's associated with the xcf layer stack.

* There are use cases for exporting all of the metadata, some of the metadata, and none of the metadata.

* Currently the user has to click open the advanced dialog and change the metadata export settings as desired, and then do it all again the next time GIMP is opened.

* It would really be nice to be able to save metadata and other export presets, to avoid having to make the same choices every time an image is exported from GIMP.

Several suggestions regarding the export dialog were made in an earlier thread: http://gimp.1065349.n5.nabble.com/Useability-enhancement-request-unified-expanded-file-export-dialog-td44924.html


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