Jehan writes:
> On 2015-10-15 18:20, Pat David wrote:
> >Would this be something like MWM, but the ability to dock dialogs to a
> >particular window? (ie: SWM would basically be MWM, but with
> >everything docked to one window).
> Yes basically stop with the SWM vs MWM dichotomy and just have a flexible UI
> (so both current behaviors will be possible as well as intermediates). Just
> 1 mode.

I'm a huge proponent of having an intermediate solution between
all-SWM and all-MWM -- I'd love to see something like multiple
tabbed image windows, like a browser, so I could have one window
for the 7 photos I'm working on, a separate image window for that
32x32 favicon.ico I'm editing and a third for another view of that
favicon at 400% so I can edit the pixels. But there's one issue that
I'm not sure was ever solved: where do the Toolbox and dialogs dock?

Does every image window show them, or is there just one main image
window, as Pat suggests, with everything docked there, and all the
other image windows are independent and have nothing docked to them?
If there's one main window with images docked, how does something
like the Layers dialog indicate which image's layers are being
shown? If all the windows have toolboxes and dialogs, can they all
have different active tools, colors, brushes and patterns or do they
have to be kept in sync somehow?

Or something in between? For instance, there's only one Toolbox,
docked to the main image window, but every image window has its
own Layers, Paths, Channels and other dialogs.

I guess in my favicon example, I'd want to be able to have just the
image window for the 32x32 image view: it would be silly to have
dialogs stuck to that. So it should probably be at least possible
to bring up a "New View" window with no dialogs docked.


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