> This is a common issue which often comes up. Our former UX architect even
> had some image with the concept (which he called a "polaroid"):
> http://mmiworks.net/pics/blog8/lgmpolaroidL.jpg
> And for the full post:
> http://blog.mmiworks.net/2009/09/gimp-single-mode.html
> This said, it also raises another discussion we had yesterday on IRC: is
> the distinction between the single and multi window(s) mode really
> necessary? I feel that we are forcing users to choose between 2 extremes.
> Moreover some SWM users seem nearly angry at us that this mode is not the
> default (and I feel that if we changed the default, some MWM users would
> get angry). Not that I really care at who is angry. But I care at what will
> make GIMP more usable. And I am not sure having 2 antithetic extreme modes
> is the solution.
> So why couldn't we have a single window mode type UI and still be able to
> detach images out (not only as polaroid, but also to work on it; right now
> only docks can be detached). For instance someone could work on several
> screens, would want to open one image on one screen and the other on
> another screen for instance and still prefer the SWM UI.
> Just some food for thoughts. :-)


I am in full support of the multiple windows mode within the single window

Here is my proposal.

The multiple  windows feature could consist of the following buttons:

1. minimize
2. restore down
3. close

To make the feature more discoverable, the buttons could be located in the
main menu bar to the far right of the "Help" menu, just under GIMP's
control buttons close button. The MWM buttons would be only available when
we are in SMW.

Here is how the MWM buttons would work:

1. minimize button: to invoke multiple image windows each for every image
already open in the SWM image tabs, but the image windows will be
minimized/ shrinked.

2. restore down button: to invoke multiple image windows each for every
image already open in the SWM image tabs. All image windows are visible
under each image tab, and any tab clicked sets focus on that tab's image

3. close button: to close all SWM image tabs. (Would this be necessary)

Please, see the visual description in the link below:

Position of the MWM feature buttons in the SWM:


Restore Down (MWM):





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