On 15/10/15 01:49, Andrew Pullins wrote:
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#User Story

As a user with a smaller screen having too many tools in your Toolbox can 
sometimes force the Toolbox wegits and even tools off the screen. This is very 
aggravating as this means the user has to make their Toolbox bigger but this 
takes up room on the canvas space which is the most important dialog.


In order to fit all your tools in your Toolbox you have to drag the handle to 
enlarge it. But this takes up room on your canvas area so I am in a constant 
state of resizing my Toolbox and dialogs. When you have many tools in your 
Toolbox and you make your Toolbox smaller to hold one or two columns of tools 
the Toolbox Widgets and sometimes even tools move off screen.  This should not 
be the case.

As a solution I purpose that when there are too many tools to in the space 
provided with the Toolbox Widgets that an ellipse menu appear. This menu would 
hold all the over flow tools so that the user can still access them no matter 
what the size of their tool box is. I believe that this will greatly improve 
user experience.

You can already make the Toolbox display only the tools you use often, and use the Tools menu to access others. You can even go further and remove from the palette the tools you invoke using shortcuts...

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