> You can already make the Toolbox  display only the tools you use often,
> and use the Tools menu to access others. You can even go further and remove
> from the palette the tools you invoke using shortcuts...

Yes this is true you can do these things. But many users in general do not
even explore settings, and do not know you can add and remove tools you
want in the toolbox.  doing this is more of an advanced user thing as it
takes more exploration to then the average user is willing to do.

Going to the the tool menu to get tools you do not have in the toolbox,
while general users are more likely to do this, my mom still goes to the
edit menu to cut, copy, past even though I have showed here ctrl+x/c/v so
many times,  advaced users are more likely to skip this option as they (at
least I) pretty much assume the menu bar is for discovery and I know
everything that is in there or know the short cuts for them.

I rarely ever go to the tool menu.  My first inclination when looking for a
tool is that it should be in the toolbox. When I find that it is not I skip
the tool menu and go straight to preferences to add the tool I need back to
the toolbox.

shortcuts are also an advanced users tool and not many general users use
these. again my mom still goes to the edit menu to cut, copy, and past even
though I have showed her short cuts.  This also requires knowing the tools
short cuts or even more exploration.  I set my own short cuts but again I
am an advanced user.

This feature request gives an advanced user a better path when searching
for a tool if they don't know the short-cut for a tool, and it also raises
discoverability for general users as you can have all the tools in the
toolbox not hidden away and the toolbox wont be so large that it pushes
tools and toolbox widgets off the screen.

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