> On 2015-11-07 01:15, Americo Gobbo wrote:
>> The ordering approach is only to Paintbrush and Pencil tool. They are
>> the most utilized on my flows to paint.
> The problem with this proposition is that — as you say yourself — these
> are adapted to your own workflow. I'm sure we can find dozens of workflows
> where people would say they want this or that option at the top of the
> dock. And in the end, we won't be able to find a consensus.

Well, I am thinking about this question of flow to paint with painting
tools... It seems a bit strange... for me the painting tools are
essentially tools to paint... perhaps in different ways in the photography
and in the digital painting. The concept of the rearrange or new
ordering... has more affinity with relationship between the features...
than actually with a precise workflow. Declaring my flow... is another way
to say that I've more affinity with painting tools... and not that the
principle to put another ordering is wrong because I use essentially these

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