On Fri, 13 Nov 2015 18:17:41, Gez wrote:

> Up to GIMP 2.8 you could click on the visibility icon anytime and hide
> it, which made it easier to avoid the problem, but in 2.9 you can't.
> You can't turn the visibility off when transforming, you can't
> transform a layer that has the visibility turned off.
> The only way to avoid the problem is playing with the opacity.

> In my opinion, the original layer should be hidden once the transform
> tool is invoked, so the transform preview is the only thing you see, in
> its target context.

I quite agree with you.

To be precise, you can toggle the visibility off when transforming, but you
need the visibility on when committing the transform, else nothing is done
and you lose your transform (thing I do often and irritate me a lot).

Thomas Manni

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