On 12/01/2015 09:17 AM, thomas.ma...@free.fr wrote:

For all image map based tools (Colors Tools and Filters), committing the 
changes is always done by the same action: clicking the OK button at the bottom 
right corner of the dialog.
This is a consistent and intuitive behavior.

For all tools which create on-canvas controls and require a specific user 
action to commit the changes, 3 actions are available :

- click on a specific canvas region (scissors select tool, crop tool, blend 
- click on a specific button on the overlay dialog (all transform tools, 
foreground select tool)
- press Enter

Currently, only the "press Enter" action is common to all these tools. I suggest to make 
the "click on a specific button" action a bit more coherent.

- add an overlay/detachable dialog (even if the tool has no information or 
parameters widgets to display)
- provide a button with always the same label (like "Proceed" or "Apply")

This inconsistency between different tools really can be a bit confusing.

It would be nice if tools like drawing a gradient had a "Cancel" button as well as an "Apply" or perhaps "OK" button, to be consistent with things like the Curves and Levels dialog.


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