On 2015-12-02 22:46, Elle Stone wrote:
On 12/01/2015 09:17 AM, thomas.ma...@free.fr wrote:

For all image map based tools (Colors Tools and Filters), committing the changes is always done by the same action: clicking the OK button at the bottom right corner of the dialog.
This is a consistent and intuitive behavior.

For all tools which create on-canvas controls and require a specific user action to commit the changes, 3 actions are available :

- click on a specific canvas region (scissors select tool, crop tool, blend tool) - click on a specific button on the overlay dialog (all transform tools, foreground select tool)
- press Enter

Currently, only the "press Enter" action is common to all these tools. I suggest to make the "click on a specific button" action a bit more coherent.

I agree that there should be consistent UI accross all tools.

- add an overlay/detachable dialog (even if the tool has no information or parameters widgets to display)

Really though, if they can be avoided (i.e. as you say no specific information or parameters needed), I really prefer the absence of overlay/dialog. They are always getting in the way and you end up moving them.

Perfect examples of transformation tools where dialogs are so annoying are the ones with handles on the corners (scale, perspective…), because if your image fills the screen, you usually don't have access to the top-right handle until you move the overlay/dialog. So adding these when they are not needed?
I am really not in favor of this.

So yes, consistent dialogs, but not at the price of loss of usability (a dialog in the middle of the canvas blocking you from accessing handles is a loss of usability in many cases).

- provide a button with always the same label (like "Proceed" or "Apply")

Yes it seems a good idea at first. But on the other hand, the fact that the rotation tool "OK" button says "Rotate", that the Scale says "Scale" and so on does not look so inconsistent to me either. Basically rather than the same shared label, the label states the action. It does not seem bad.

This inconsistency between different tools really can be a bit confusing.

It would be nice if tools like drawing a gradient had a "Cancel"
button as well as an "Apply" or perhaps "OK" button, to be consistent
with things like the Curves and Levels dialog.

Really, as said above, I would prefer not to add useless dialog to tools which don't need them. Rather than having dialogs everywhere, why not have consistency in keys? Actually I believe we already have these, but this can be specified clearly: Enter = Commit - Esc = Cancel, and so on.

If this is clearly documented (and also "Esc" is quite a common Cancel key, which people will usually try to cancel the current action), I think that's better than adding a dialog just to add such a button.



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