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On 2015-11-10 17:36, Jehan wrote:
Hi all,

Some time ago, Alex Prokoudine played with symbolic icons from the
GNOME project
(https://plus.google.com/+AlexandreProkoudine/posts/LP1pWr7YEgA). This
kickstarted a discussion about new (potentially default, though
existing ones should also stay) themes for GIMP, one with light
background, one with dark background.

Then a contributor started working
from this base to create new themes from these monochrome icons.
See http://www.jesusda.com/files/symbolic-gimp.7z (dark icons)
And http://www.jesusda.com/files/symbolic-gimp_light.7z (light icons)

We would be happy to finalize such themes and include them in GIMP
when they are considered finished. I've encountered some issue having
them work on the dev version of GIMP which uses now icon themes
instead of including the icons from the gtkrc file (basically it seems
any theme of GIMP using this method to change icons will be broken by
GIMP 2.10). Unfortunately I cannot make the time to try and understand
what is the problem since it's not my highest priority in GIMP.
If anyone is interested in the projects, know well theming and icon
themes and can make such a theme working with GIMP (dev version), we
welcome contributions. This could (should IMO!) still make it to GIMP
2.10 if some people are into this.

Scl also created a wiki page when we first started discussing
integrating it into GIMP:
http://wiki.gimp.org/index.php/Specs:UI_Theme (on the main wiki, not
the GUI wiki, it would be good if both wikis were merged!).

Just throwing this here, hoping some people are interested to contribute.

Ok so we had a contributor who fixed GIMP to select icon themes. As I thought, the problem of icon themes was lying within GIMP, which was not able to select new icon themes. This is now patched in master (more work is undergoing).

Based on this, I have added all the icons from Jakub/Barbara/jEsuSda in a new theme which will be automatically installed with GIMP and can be chosen in the preferences.
You can test to build this by checking out the branch origin/symbolic.

There is still no dark theme, but this is only a detail and will be extremely easy to add now. What misses is that we are missing 49 icons (many are the same in various sizes, so that's less).

Who would be interested to contribute new icons?
Only requirements is accepting the GPL v3 license and following the icon set design style. Also if you could work with a SVG source and providing these too, rather than working with bitmap sources.


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