> Nobody is forced to do anything. This is Free Software. If you have a
working theme for GIMP 2.10 that could be a good fit as default theme, we'd
be happy to get it in. Contributors are always wanted.
> Of course we will review propositions and may ask to change things if we
think some parts are not right for the default theme.

I know, it just seems that every time i go to purpose anying for open
source projects that there is always that one guy that gets definitive and
thinks I am trying to force myself ideas through like its my way or the
highway. Which makes no since when it is a community run open source

> So if you are interested into contributing, I would suggest getting a
build of GIMP master (not the release which did not have the icon theme fix
yet) and try to get your theme working there.
> In any case, this can't be wasted time. Even if your theme were not the
default dark theme of GIMP, you'd still need to make it up to date to have
it working with GIMP 2.9/2.10.

Could you point me to something that would tell me how to get GIMP master

> GIMP 2.10 is still not using GTK+3.0 yet. This will be for the next major
release (GIMP 3.0).
> Thus I guess GIMP 2.10 themes may not be that far from GIMP 2.8 themes,
except for the fact that icons are now separate.

Oh OK cool.

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