On 2015-12-15 16:02, Joseph Bupe wrote:
On 15 December 2015 at 16:52, Jehan <je...@girinstud.io> wrote:

There were propositions of inverting the click and shift-click
(click would create directly a layer of your last type and
shift-click open the dialog),

This would be more logical.

Have you read my email? This is not "logical", this is only simpler for *you*. If we want to go this way, the most "logical" way is likely for a button to not choose anything by default, *NOT* to choose particular settings on the user behalf. Thus basically the logical thing is what GIMP does.

I don't say this is the best UI at all. But I say that your proposition (having the settings choice done on the user behalf by default) is not the right change, in my opinion. The fact that we had as many different preferences (written down in the linked thread) as available option shows that the choice proposed by this dialog is not meaningless. If someone has a better default UI to propose, we are happy to read propositions, but I don't think that just inverting the button behavior is the right thing to do here.


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