Why not keep the default as it is today.  When you click the new layer
button it opens the new layer dialog, When you shift-click new layer it
makes a new layer with the previously selected options.  But we make one
little change to the dialog. At the very bottom of the screen make a check
box that gives the user the ability to switch the functionality them
selves.  the label could read something like "check to not see this
dialog.  Shift-Click new layer button to get to this dialog"... I know its
wordy but this would give the user control over their app, and if they
don't like it they can uncheck it the next time they open it.

Also a slight change on Shift-Clicking to add a layer with previous
options/Clicking new layer if the check box is checked.  When you just make
a layer with the previous options the focus should change to editing the
layers name as if the user were to double click on the layer, and when they
click anywere else or hit esc the edit layer name would lose focus.  This
way you don't have to bring up the new layer dialog or double click the new
layer to rename it but you can just start typing to name the layer.

This way users who are new can discover this dialog more easily, users who
are used to it do not have the feature taken away from them, and advanced
users can have it their way as well.  I think that this is more GIMP like.
Giving the user the power over their UI instead of forcing them to use one

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On Tue, Dec 15, 2015 at 1:39 PM, Liam R. E. Quin <l...@holoweb.net> wrote:

> On Tue, 2015-12-15 at 15:52 +0100, Jehan wrote:
> > [...]
> > We ended up in just a few emails showing how diverse the user base
> > and habits are, and that all 4 fill types are used. [...]
> > Because of this problem, we can't just decide to create actions or
> > buttons for specific combinations because of this point 2/. Because
> > what is your usual fill type is not your neighbour's. Or we should
> > create 4 new buttons/actions, and then the UI will end up at some
> > point cluttered with hundreds of buttons.
> It would be fabulous to have a scriptable UI, where people could add a
> button or could even override the defaults on a click or shift click.
> But GIMP isn't written in that way today.
> An interface with fewer buttons on the docks, but with the last one
> being a [+] button, which brought up a list of buttons you could add
> (ideally letting you choose values too) might work better.
> > There were propositions of inverting the click and shift-click (click
> > would create directly a layer of your last type and shift-click open
> > the dialog), like in the linked dialog.
> [...]
> > . Simon Budig explained that it was
> > actually done this way for a while, since the shift-click is not
> > easily discoverable:
> A compromise there is to bring up the dialogue only the first time, and
> to include text on it (ugh) "use shift-click to bring up this dialogue
> next time". Having said that, when I do use layers, I tend to use a mix
> of layer types.
> > It makes sense that the most discoverable UI should be the one to do
> > the
> > more, and later users learn progressively optimized UI logics to
> > improve
> > their workflow. For all theses reasons, the *default* UI seems
> > acceptable.
> Agreed.
> Liam
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