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On 27/09/16 23:37, Jehan wrote:
Hi all!

Right now paths are made invisible on creation, which means so see it when you have the path tool activated, but as soon as you choose another tool, it looks like it disappeared: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=708124

Actually it is there, simply not visible. Solution is to click on the "eye" icon on the path dock.

I think this makes no sense. Anything new should be visible by default (for instance you don't make a layer invisible as a default!).

Could we agree on changing this or was there a secret reason for this weird behavior?


There are some operations where the user doesn't deal directly with
the path. And plenty of case where you want these to get out of the

Yes but then you can hide them. It is a more "obvious" situation when you have a visible object that you want to hide, rather than not seing an object yet even knowing it exists.

I also remember I encountered the problem that the bug reporter had: paths "disappearing" after creating them and it took me a while to understand they were there, simply not visible, and I actually created several similar paths. This is kind of a hard-to-discover feature/object because you don't even *know* the object actually exists from the start. On the other hand, if the object had been visible by default, and if at some point, I wanted it to be invisible, I would have searched for the way to do so and found it easily.

That could he a preference. or maybe a better solution would be a menu
entry "View>Show active path", and a hot key with that.

Yeah actually there are a lot of weird behavior with the paths docks.

- Create a path. Path is visible (even though the eye is not there).
- Select another tool > the path is not visible.
- Select back the paths tool > the selected path is still not visible.
- Select other paths (paths tool still on), they are not visible either.
- If I click on canvas, it creates a new path rather than editing the selected path. - I have to double-click the selected path to actually have its contents visible again and be able to edit it.
- Now if I select other paths, they are visible too.
- If I click on canvas, it edits the currently selected path.
- To create a new path, I now have to click the "Create a new path" button.

That's really counter-intuitive to me and the same set of actions will have different results depending on the situation: clicking on canvas either creates a new path or edits the current path depending whether I double-clicked it.


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